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SongKong FixSongs Report Question

Is it all possible to see the number of songs saved versus the number of songs in the album (Ie if 1 out of 12 are saved or 3 out of 12 or 9 out of 12 versus 12 out of 12, the ideal number-- oddly, I even saw 13 out of 12 last night that seemed very odd) in question? I am dealing with about 60,000 tracks from that previous fiasco of mine and am finally bucking down to fix what I can. In the report itself I have to click through all the folders to see how many songs were saved and strangely there are a lot of duped tracks and thus folders, but even more so it seems that SongKong is saving a lot more whole albums which is hugely great news.

However, I’d like to see that there are whole albums saved in the spreadsheet report without having to spend days clicking through in about 8+ reports total.

How can I do that or where is this information located in the spreadsheet? Please? This would save a ton of time, honestly.

Thanks again,


Hi, instead of Browse by Folder use Browse by Album, then for each album (a song with a value for the Album field) you can not only see the number of songs matched but you can use Matched to Album filter to see songs albums where SongKong was not able to match all the songs in that album. To clarify this could be a song that may already have had a value for the Album field but SongKong was unable to independently match it to an album itself, this could be because the album does not exist in the database or some discrepancy that prevents this song being matched to the song on the album.

And if you go to end of list you can see UNKNOWN ALBUM - these are songs with no metadata for the Album field.

You could also load all the songs into Jaikoz and run the Report/List Missing Songs for Album. This lists all MusicBrainz albums that songs have been matched to and lists any missing tracks, i.e in this example four tracks are missing from The Wall.

Thank you. I appreciated the thorough response. I looked at Browse by album and I am not certain I explained what I am looking for properly. Whereas, when I view match to Discogs Release, I can see how many tracks out of how many total album tracks have been saved, when I look at browse by album all I see is how many tracks have been saved but no other information is there. In the case of All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, there are 63 total tracks. All I saw was 5 and all that browse by album gave me was tracks saved, not the total number of tracks in the album. Additionally, I would really like to be able to see this specific information in the spreadsheet so I can analyze it quickly to make decisions. How exactly do II do that to see this information in the spreadsheet?

Browse by Album doesn’t show how many files have been saved. But it does show how many files have a particular AlbumArtist/Album metadata.

So on this screenshot we can see how many songs have the The Division Bell metadata, only six, but all six have matched to MusicBrainz/Discogs. The problem in this case is not bad matching but that I only actually had part of the album to start with, if you click on the album you can see all the tracks

and a further click on a track will show full details for that track

So if only 5 are listed under that Album name that must been mean the other 58 have different metadata, so you a problem there, if you have not renamed/moved files you could Browse by Folder and see where the other files are. If you have then maybe search for one of the other tracks in the spreadsheet view.

The point is that scanning browse by albums for albums with suspiciously low number of tracks could pinpoint issues.

View metadata as spreadsheet will open or download the spreadsheet containing all the data.

Its a an actual spreadsheet so you can use your favourite spreadsheet tool to analyze as required.