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SongKong changing Discogs release

Gooe evening
How can I prevent SongKong to modify the Discogs release if already present (and possibly force it to use it)?
I’m tagging a bounce of DSF (extracted from SACD) and the program points to the CD release, ignoring the Discogs release ID already present in the tags, and therefore changing the Discogs release URL (and ID) to the CD version.
version 6.10.1

By default SongKong uses MusicBrainz as its primary data source, and Discogs as a secondary source. So what is happening is first of all it is searching for a MusicBrainz release, its finds the best they have and then this contains a link to another Discogs release so it uses that.

So your best choice maybe to disable Match:Search for a MusicBrainz Release

But , for example, the SACD option it’s not present in the media choices, so I’m not sure if it will try to match to a CD anyway
If the Discogs correct Release ID is already present in the tags, is not possible to force songkong to use it? Or set Update only if not present?

It will use it when it comes to searching for Discogs release, if there is already a release instead of searching for a Discogs release it will update from the existing Discogs release.

But it ignores Discogs releases when searching for a MusicBrainz release, so if it finds a MusicBrainz release and that is already linked to a Disocgs release then it will use that Discogs release. So Im afraid the only way to do what you want is to disable MusicBrainz search.

We search all releases, the media choices is primarily a way to boost CD matches or Vinyl matches. SongKong is intended for use over whole library so wouldnt make sense to list all options like SuperCD because nobody is going to have only SuperCD but users may predominantly prefer the Vinyl or Cd editions.

If you want to fiddle with your metadata album by album and link to specific releases you might want to consider trying Jaikoz which would enable you to do what you want.

I tried, but it’s not working anyway
I unchecked MusicBrainz.
This are the original tags, from Discogs [r12914789]

And the proposed tags are from Discogs [r12558537]
(Sorry, cannot upload the spreadsheet)

Could you run Create Support Files please then I can properly check it.

Actually I think I can see the issue, for Flac SongKong uses URL_DISCOGS_RELEASE_SITE to store the url of the Discogs release. But your screenshot just show a field called DISCOGS_RELEASE_ID, I don’t know what tool you used to add these fields but SongKong does not recognize such a field.

Yep, looked that report files, and as you can see from the screenshot as far as SongKong is concerned it has just added a Release Discogs Url (this is the common user friendly name rather than the underlying audio specific name), it is not aware of an existing Discogs Release Id.

The Release Discogs Url field is not something specific to SongKong, it is also used by the MusicBrainz Picard tagger and others. In contrast the DISCOGS_RELEASE_ID field used by Mp3Tag is I think a MP3Tag only definition