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Songkong and itunes delete confirmation

I have myself in a mess. I bought songkong to help me deal with duplicates. I have managed to add another set of duplicates in dealing with the tagger and itunes. ugh. Anyways…
i am running windows 10, trying to clean up my itunes library. My family uses apple music as well.
So now when trying to delete i am getting the following confirmation for every file song kong is deleting.
There are 150,000 files to be dealt with. pretty sure about 60,000 are unique.
1: i cant tell which song/file it wants to confirm
2: i dont want to click ‘delete song’ for every one of them.

Hi, this seems to be a message generated by iTunes when SongKong informs iTunes it has deleted a song, but I havent seen this so I dont know if it because you have iTunes linked to iCloud ?

Would a solution be to uncheck Save changes to iTunes so that SongKong would delete the files but not inform iTunes so you would not display this message ?

You can then use another method to remove deleted files or could you just create a new iTunes library on the remaining songs after SongKong has fixed them.

wow, thanks for the quick reply. I am not sure how to fix this. I have previously tried disconnecting from apple music in iTunes, and telling it not to save to macOS app, and running the ‘fixer’ and then the ‘deleter’. it seemed to work, but when i reconnected to apple music, it made dupes again from the cloud side of the
I also previously tried disconnecting and starting a new library, and that also made more dupes.

Apple is tenacious about saving every file. that’s how I got in this position originally.

I am about to try a new permutation… disconnecting iTunes from apple music, but keep the ‘save to macOS’ box checked. after everything processes again, I’ll reconnect to apple music and see if locally saved results sync with the cloud side.