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SongKong always including disc number in file name

I am doing Fix Songs and using the AlbumArtist/Album/DiscIfMulti - Track - Artist - Title template in the rename settings with SongKong, but its not doing what I expect:

  • the disc number is always being added even if there is just one
  • multi-discs are going in Disc01/Disc02 subfolders, which I don’t want

This is SongKong 8.1 Scar on a Mac.

Any ideas what the issue is?

Are you sure that is what is called , I cant find it.

Regardless, could you please go to Preferences, select the rename mask in Filename Masks combo and then select Edit, then post screenshot so I can see what the mask is doing.

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Looking at that, it makes sense what it is doing; I misinterpreted the semantics based on the name. I have edited it to do what I want. Forgot that I could do that; it’s been a few years since I last used it. Thanks for the help.