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SongKong Album displayed multiple times


I processed my music library and after completion and opening Foobar2000 and selecting albums, some albums are shown as multiple albums with only 1 song/artist per album instead of one single album with a complete list of songs. I noticed this on multiple disc albums.

How do I correct this?

Most music player software group albums by AlbumArtist and then Album, if there is no AlbumArtist they use Artist instead. I have seen this problem before, it occurs when you originally have the AlbumArtist (e.g Various) set as the Artist, but have the AlbumArtist field left blank, so although this is wrong it keeps the songs together.

Then you process your songs with SongKong, because it is unable to find an album match for all the songs in the group but it could identify individual songs (more common for compilation albums such as this) it only updates song fields not album fields so it changes the artist field to the correct artist and leaves Album Artist blank and Album unchanged. Now when you play your songs it uses the modified artist field to group albums and because these are all different the album is shown multiple times.

The fix is to select Manual Edit for the folder, go to the Album tab, set the Album Artist to Various Artists for all songs, and then select Save

Tip, if you enter a value into the first row, and then right click on the column header and select Copy Row 1 the same value will be copied to all the other rows for that column.

Also, because of this problem we added an extra step to SongKong to fill in ArtistAlbum from Artist field at the start in some circumstances, this was released as part of SongKong 6.8.1 so please make sure you are now on this latest version.


It would be hard to apply the fix you suggested because the app already changed the folder structure of my library. For this particular album each song was scattered to individual artist folders. Being a various artist album of 5 disks I have to edit the album one folder at a time and 1 song at a time.

How can I revert to my original folder structure? Also, How do I keep the original folder structure? This app is supposed to change only the file metadata and not the folder structure right?


You can use Undo Changes to undo the changes for a folder, select to find files that were originally in the selected location.


But by default SongKong does not rename or move any files, you must have changed the Rename Files based on Metadata option on the Basic tab from No