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SongKong 9.4 Raise released 9th of August 2023

We are please to announce the release of SongKong 9.4 Raise


This new releases has a number of major improvements


We have been making further improvements to BoxSet matching to ensure all discs of boxset matched to the same boxset, plus many other enhancements. This has been tested thoroughly in conjunction with a Roon customer on their 200 CD Mozart box set as part of me helping to resolve an issue they were having with Roon

Also included is an important fix that was preventing some AcoustId matches, this should improve using Fix Songs on any music collection, not restricted to BoxSets


For reports we have added count badges to the the Matched To MusicBrainz and Discogs sections, and added them back to the Status Report. Improved the formatting of the reports so they better match the remote UI, and fixed the spreadsheet section of the report so it can cope with having more than 1M songs.

Docker Detection

We have made some changes to the Docker version so that it always correctly identifies that it is running as part of a docker environment and act accordingly.

Issues Resolved


SONGKONG-1882 Add MatchedTo sections to Status Report

SONGKONG-1886 Add BrowseBy Subtitle to Title part of Report to save space.

SONGKONG-2459 Add Match To MusicBrainz/Discogs sections back to Status Report

SONGKONG-2462 Match to MusicBrainz count of track/Album needs should roll up to Artist level

SONGKONG-2465 Excel limits no of rows to 1048576:Unable to do complete Spreadsheet Report:Invalid row number (1048576) outside allowable range (0..1048575)

SONGKONG-2467 Improvements for Large BoxSet with no Metadata

SONGKONG-2468 Fix for detecting Docker Version not applied universally

SONGKONG-2469 Failed call to wikipedia Url, but instead of returning still trys to read data causing it to hang

SONGKONG-2471 When matching subdisc to boxset we should be able to parse folder names that are just the number

SONGKONG-2476 If albumartist is only composer and this looks like a boxset then better to keep composer rather than adding a list performers/orchestra


SONGKONG-2472 Sometimes we allow single songs in folder to match to album even if not album is not part of boxset folder is part of

SONGKONG-2473 Finding releases by Acoustid -> MBRecording -> MbRelease Id not seeming to find all matches

I am currently using songkong 9.3 lite; A few minutes ago I tried to update both the Docker version (QNAP) and the desktop version (Win64) to 9.4 - unfortunately without success; after completion, the version status remains at 9.3 and I get the message that version 9.4 is available again; is that because as a “lite user” I can’t make any version updates?

No, sorry mistake on my part.

If you retry both should now give you 9.4 version

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thanks for the quick solution