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SongKong 9.2 Brutalism released 26th of June 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 9.2 Brutalism


HD Albums

This release now better handles when an album consists of both HD and non HD tracks, if you have the Add [HD] to album title for High Definition albums option enabled it will now added [MIXED] for all tracks so the album name is consistent instead of adding [HD] to the Hd tracks and nothing to the non Hd tracks. This ensures the album name is consistent for the whole album, this is important for music playback and if you rename your tracks based on metadata to ensure the album is not split.

Delete Duplicates
This release also makes some improvements to Delete Duplicates, the Same song and album (metadata only) option was not taking tracknos into account so if an album had multiple versions of the same song then they could inadvertently be marked as duplicates when not.

Before this releases the Song is a duplicate if has same options that use Sounds the Same require the songs to already have an Acoustid Fingerprint. But this needs to be done when run Fix Songs, and unless the Force Acoustic fingerprints even if already matched option was enabled it was not done automatically for all songs.

Now in new version Delete Duplicates will create an acoustid fingerprint as required if found to be missing. But this is only used for Delete Duplicates, it is not saved to the file so if want to use Sounds the Same it is still more efficient to create them when run Fix Songs

Monitor Watch Folder

It fixes an issue with Monitor Watch Folder if you try to modify the watch folder without restarting SongKong

Full list of Fixes


SONGKONG-2418 Add [MIXED] rather than [HD] to album title if albums have a mixture of HD and non HD tracks


SONGKONG-1742 If using Delete Duplicates with acoustids should automatically add them if missing

SONGKONG-2410 Remote:Clone Filename button missing

SONGKONG-2426 Some pages of reports for new tasks still refer to Fix Songs even though not run as part of Fix Songs task

SONGKONG-2427 Delete Duplicates with Sounds the Same option only works if already created fingerprints using Fix Songs

SONGKONG-2437 When using Rename Files and Move should ensure the Base Folder itself is never deleted

SONGKONG-2439 Remote:Delete Duplicates not showing warning if picks metadata only criteria

SONGKONG-2440 Delete Duplicates Same song and Same album(metadata only) option should also consider trackno

SONGKONG-2441 Watch Folder doesnt work second time if change the folder used as a Watch Folder