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Songkong 4.13 (High Definition release) released on November 15th 2017

We have a nice new SongKong/Melco release that contains a number of new features including help for those with HD quality recordings.

Where can i download the new version (4.13) for melco?
Is the installer the same for all the version?
Riccardo Luchetti

Its different installer on the melco part of the site -

But is the same 4.12
Where is the 4.13?

Hi, i think thats a typo, just try the download

The new version does not work. In Fix Disk, the application becomes gray and does nothing. Any idea why?

Nope, please run Help:Create Support Files


Ah, okay the problem is due to you having SampleRate as field to not modify and us renaming it to audioSampleRate in SongKong 4.13 The easiest thing to do would be to

Close SongKong
Delete from the user folder (user folder is described here
Restart SongKong

but this will mean you will lose any preferences you have configured.

The other way is to edit the file in your user folder, search for samplerate and remove it.