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SongKong 3.23 Released February 2016

SongKong 3.23 now released, this is SongKong 3.22 plus a bug fix, highlights of the SongKong 3.22 release are:

  1. Full support for DSF format
  2. Ability to not modify Artist, Album Artist, Sort Artist, Album Artist, Composer and Sort Composer to help with Classical/Jazz collections
  3. Option to use JRiver compatible field for Album Artist for Flac/Ogg files.
  4. Move everything now moves subfolders as well
  5. Better matching for individual songs.
  6. Better identification and matching of Multi Disc releases
  7. Easy option to set max file path length
  8. Use of Acoustids to match individual songs to Discogs when no match in MusicBrainz.

Enjoy, Paul