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SongKong 3.17 released 9th September 2015

Ultimate song identification improvements plus revised German and Spanish application translations

  • [SONGKONG-856] - iTunes error when Delete Duplicater trying to delete files on Windows
  • [SONGKONG-872] - When single song matching against Acoustid ensure we are selecting the correct song
  • [SONGKONG-873] - Unable to create fingerprints on WIndows if filepath is > 260 char
  • [SONGKONG-874] - Dots not removed from filepath when after path seperator
  • [SONGKONG-876] - When disc has more than two discs may not match because can match songs to wrong disc
  • [SONGKONG-878] - Include track artist when calculating track scores
  • [SONGKONG-879] - Reports not added to the recent reports menu if not opened
  • [SONGKONG-886] - Windows:Watch Folder giving iTunes error even though iTunes not configured
  • [SONGKONG-891] - isGoodArtistAndTitleMatch failing artist which just has additional 'the' in name
  • [SONGKONG-900] - IsGoodArtist check not working well when comparing colloboration to one artist
  • [SONGKONG-757] - Improve Simmetrics algorithm for matching two Strings
  • [SONGKONG-871] - If artist name contains feat and get no matches strip out and try again
  • [SONGKONG-877] - Ignore join phrased when matching artists
  • [SONGKONG-880] - Extend acoustid title check to an artist check
  • [SONGKONG-881] - Search by metadata should search by artist and tracks if no match on release
  • [SONGKONG-882] - Ignore track duration check if track was already matched by Acoustid
  • [SONGKONG-883] - Always only use recording with most sources when single song matching
  • [SONGKONG-884] - Allowing Acoustid matches when metadata exists but is bad
  • [SONGKONG-885] - Increase artist/title check for single song metadata match
  • [SONGKONG-887] - Need some (Track)Artist filename masks
  • [SONGKONG-888] - Double check songs by metadata only matches checking artist and title
  • [SONGKONG-889] - Watch Folder Exception if files are already matched and have configured to Update Metadata and Filename Only
  • [SONGKONG-890] - Single song match doesnt do release match if metadata has song title
  • [SONGKONG-895] - Only allow recordings with same name AND SIMILAR DURATION to one with most source
  • [SONGKONG-896] - Simplify album names when trying to find releases by metadata
  • [SONGKONG-897] - Try harder to find artists when grouping songs that have no artist
  • [SONGKONG-898] - New German translation
  • [SONGKONG-899] - New Spanish Translation