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Song Ratings between Apps

Hi, I use Jaikoz to correct my music files and Foobar2000 to create playlists and rate my music.
I then use Plex to stream my music to my Android phone so I can listen on the go.
I use a 1-5 star rating system in Foobar.
However, if I look at those tracks in Jaikoz that I rated in Foobar200, the rating shows as 1 star.
If I change the rating in Jaikoz to 5 stars, it’ll come into Foobar2000 as 100 stars.
4 stars in Jaikoz comes in as 80, 3 stars as 60, etc.
Finally, none of the ratings come over to Plex.
Plex shows no rating at all.
Ultimately, I’d like to see the ratings in Plex.
Any Suggestions?

Okay so internally most audio formats (you dont say what you are using) uses a 1-255 scale, this is then mapped to 1-5 stars in different ways by different audio players, i.e Windows Media Player uses a different range of values to Media Monkey, the reasoning behind this I dont understand but that is how it is.

So we an option (Save:Compatibility:Upload and Save Ratings so compatible with) in Jaikoz that you can select so that the (value to star) mapping matches an application, and then when you modify rating within Jaikoz it will use (star to value) mapping so when it will match your application However it only has three different media players so you would have to experiment to get a good match between Foobar2000 and Jaikoz, but if there is no good match you can set exact numercial value
in the ID3 Edit tab.

You can look at the Popularmeter field on the ID3 Edit to see what the stars map to. So below I have set the option and then set the stars from 5-1, then changed the option and repeated and you can see in the second screenshots how they map to different values.

But if the ratings are not shown in Plex it maybe that Plex ignores this field and just stores the ratings only within its internal database, so rating can only be set within Plex itself.

iTunes is a bit like this, when you first import songs into iTunes it will read the ratings but it makes a copy and from then on you can only modify the rating within iTunes itself.