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Song Kong on Melco Problems

Using Song Kong with Melco N1 with large database (33000 songs incl HIres flac and wav files). First time program did not complete but managed to corrupt the database to include over 6000 songs as “Untagged”. Eventually got the program to run on the Melco unit itself and it covered over 20,000 songs until it stopped due to problems connecting to the Musicbrainz server. Tried this few times with same result

Would welcome any suggestions

Can you please run Create Support Files from SongKong, both for the version running directly on the Melco and the version running on your PC/Mac

This will more information to help resolve the issue.

Many thanks for the reply. I have run the support files for the PC version. The version running on Melco seems to be making more progress - got through 90% of the songs upto 4am last night and then stopped due to problems connecting with musicbrainz server - it is running again at the moment and will run support files when finished - not sure if running the support would abort the program?


Yeah don’t run Create Support Files whilst running another task, have received the other one and will take a look shortly

Hi, looked at the PC log files, there was a database error, but it wasn’t reported to the user, not sure why.

But if you ran File:Empty Database to recreates SongKongs internal database that would fix it.

Thanks - I will try that