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Song Kong 10.0 not reading Meta for Path and filename

Greetings - I am trying to get the Rename Files function to work correctly for a format and path design that matches the output of other tools (Lidarr) to look like this:

[Root] - This is to match my Lidar server output
.Album Artest / Artest (Folder) – (Example: Primus)
…Album Name (Date) (Folder) – (Example: Sailing the Seas of Cheese (1991)
…File Name: Album Artest / Artest [-] Album [-] Trak [-] Title.Ext
…Example: Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese - 04 - American Life.flac

This is an example from my download tool:
{Album Title} ({Release Year})/{Artist Name} - {Album Title} - {track:00} - {Track Title}

Since version 9 and 10 it doesn’t seem as clear as it was to setup the custom string in Java it it is having issues with FLAC file format - I have done a FIX on all files prior to doing the move without errors.

I would like to modify the built-in naming template but add the Year to the album title:

+ ifnotempty(album,'/')
+ ifnotempty(artist,' - ')
+ ifnotempty(album,' - ')
+ ifmultidisc(ifnotempty(pad(discno,2),' - '))
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ title

However, when doing a preview, I am getting strange naming that has the Top Level Artest show as (Date) and not the name of the Artest?

Z:\Root\(1993)\Primus - Pork Soda - 04 - Bob.flac
Z:\Root\(1993)\Primus - Pork Soda - 05 - DMV.flac
Z:\Root\(1993)\Primus - Pork Soda - 15 - Hail Santa.flac
Z:\Root\(1993)\Primus - Pork Soda - 13 - Hamburger Train.flac

Please let me know what else I need to supply to help find the problem.


Hi, please run Create Support Files that will make this much easier to resolve.

The file has been uploaded.

What do you mean ?

Hmm, this looks like a bug , since you have Rename filename part only checked it should not even be modifying the subfolder path, but I cant see where the year is even coming from as it is not in your selected mask. As you are running in Preview Mode, can you please just try unchecking Rename filename part only, rerun and run Create Support Files so I can see the results with this option unchecked.

Looked a bit more and realized the files already have the year part created from a previous run that I cannot access, but I guess using rename mask Jas2-AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/AlbumArtistorArtist - Album - Title which no longer exists so I cannot check it. But because you have Rename filename part only checked the folder sub folder part is not going to be changed, the base folder part is changed because you have Move Folder and Move Umatched Folder configured.

So I think you just need to try unchecking Rename filename part only

I think this is the mask you need

+ ifnotempty(album,' ')
+ '(' + (albumyear.length>4 ? albumyear.substring(0,4):albumyear) +')/'
+ ifnotempty(artist,' - ')
+ ifnotempty(album,' - ')
+ ifmultidisc(ifnotempty(pad(discno,2),' - '))
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ title

Thank you - that looks to have resolved the problem, I did check the " Rename filename part only" as a part of the troubleshooting process. I have taken the script and applied it to my custom profile for the naming process.

I would suggest having that script part of the library for users to choose from since it may be more common.

Thank you again for all your help on this, you have been awesome in this process.