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So, now what ? bandcamp ? MB plugin automation ? :)

Hi @paultaylor, here we are, I finally finished processing my music backlog, and reached the point where I run Autokong o a nightly basis.

The music is coming in to a daily folder, which is dynamically picked by the script, and processed each night at 1am. here you see it running from the users scripts plugin under unraid:

the script processes the music in 3 simple tasks :

  1. fix task
  2. delete duplicates
  3. rename to the music_matched/letter/artist/album_folder/…

now that I finally automate all that stuff, I guess it is time to start thinking about what to do with all the music that don’t get matched. and as you can see in the above screenshot, there is still a lot. it is the second time I process the same folder, therefore the values, but initially, songkong only did match approx 50 tracks out of 160.

When I open the unmateched tracks in picard, I usually ca see the artistID, but no MusicbrainzID (yet).

What are your thoughts about it ? Is it a dead end ?
As far as I can see, these are bandcamp releases, not listed on MB.

Of course, there is a plugin, allowing to manually add these releases to MB, but it still needs some manual action, and you understand I am not starting to add releaeses to MB nightly in that way :wink:

Do you have an idea on how we could get this to work ?

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Well done,thats an achievement !

But my first response would be to rerun SongKong over the unmatched results because:

  • Partial data added first time round is sometimes enough to get a ful match second time round
  • Our cached MusicBrainz and Discogs databases have been updated since you started this, in fact there will be a major update next week which will include last six months of new Discogs data, that we had to delay because of corruptions in the Discogs feed

Regarding bandcamp, I haven’t done anything yet

What I need to work out is whether I can scrape metadata from bandcamp as I go along, or try to get a dump of all data and add to the albunack db, however I am not in a position to do anything yet.

The best thing you can do in the meantime is consider changing your new music download to incorporate adding the releases to MusicBrainz as you get them. With the script it is nearly automated you just have to click on the import button, check the import data in MusicBrainz and then submit. You may be able to automate this further through use of GreaseMonkey scripts.

Nice. But are you saying the MB and Discogs DB are updated every 6 months ? As I am catching new releases on a daily basis, heading to an outdated DB might become problematic if I start running this on my last day folder.

I think I’d better figure out a way to automate this through a python script. I barely use any webui to achieve tasks. I’ll look into this.

No, there was a delay for Discogs because of a Discogs data corruption by Discogs - Matching tracks with Discogs

It is meant to be every month, although we dont quite manage this at the moment because of delays caused by code improvements and bug fixing. Also plan for SongKong to access live MusicBrainz database if cannot find match in cache.