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Single Disc Album, but Songkong adds Disc #

I have several albums that are a single disc, but when I try to “Fix Songs” it adds a Disc number to the renamed file name

i.e. Staind - Chapter V album is a single disc album according to MusicBrainz, with 17 tracks, however, when I try to fix the album it adds a padded “01” before each track name.

Is there a way to avoid this?

Thank you

Hi, thanks for the support files.

Your rename mask is okay, it only writes disc no if matches multi-disc, but actually that album is not a single disc album, first clue here

and when we look in MusicBrainz, we see it has second disc (a DVD), so it is multi-disc

Now you may ask why did SongKong match this album when we only have first disc. It is because you had 17 tracks and this is the only version of the album with 17 tracks all the other albums only have 12 or 13 tracks so this is clearly best match.

Now you understand issue just manually modify the filename or if you need a solution which allows you to run SongKong over all files and handle this album then you could perhaps modify rename mask so it checks value of mbreleaseid matches 3e494860-dd52-40f0-92fc-01de9c47ced6 and doesn’t write multi-disc if it matches this release.

Renaming them seems to be a less extreme solution. Thank you for your help

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