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Settings not carried over from 10.0 (1165) to 11.0.6 upgrade

Hi there,

I’ve finally been able to afford a paid upgrade today, and have upgraded from 10.0 (1165) to 11.0.6. I installed to the default folder as always and expected my settings to have carried over, but they haven’t. The toolbar buttons, columns in the Edit panel and Rename mask from the Correct Metadata From Filename are the parts I noticed immediately as having reverted to the defaults in the new version:



Any help importing my old settings would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Pete

The settings was completely rewritten in Jaikoz 11, this was a major task and it was not possible to convert the preferences from Jaikoz 10 to Jaikoz 11, I did make this clear when I released Jaikoz 11, see the note in bold at Jaikoz 11.0 Cranes Released May 20th 2021

Sorry for the inconvenience but since you still see able to run Jaikoz 10 it should not be too difficult to manually modify Jaikoz 11 so it matches the preferences you had in Jaikoz 10.

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Morning Paul,

Thanks for the update - I had a feeling it might be something like that, just with me jumping ahead so many versions at once I completely missed the release notes for v11 pointing it out. Shouldn’t take me long to get things sorted though, cheers

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