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Selecting row for finding song title

I’m trying to see from let say Amazon the title of a cd they have and i did select all the songs and went to View treenshothis song to amazon and that message appear so i did a screenshot of the message with what i did select in Jaikoz. Possibly i’m doing something wrong.
Do we select only one song or all song ?
Any help ?

If action is row based (rather than specific to fields in a row) the selection is based on what is selected on the rowNo column, this is independent of field selection in the editable part of the table. So in this example see we have rows 2 to 8 selected.

If no rows are selected then action is applied to all rows, but limits to ten rows if it seems that applying to all rows would be wrong.


Can you show me how it work then the correction, what are the steps ?

Thank you

The problem is you need to select rows using the the Rec Nos (first column) you want to process, that is the only thing you have to differently.