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Selecting multiple folders

I’m working with the Songkong remote version, installed on a QNAP NAS using Docker containers.

In the meantime, I get along well with the possibilities that Songkong offers. But what I don’t succeed in is the selection of several folders on the same level within my music directory – I can either choose one folder or all of them. Is this not possible in principle?
I know there is a workaround with apostrophes, but that quickly becomes unwieldy if you want to select more than three or four folders.

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Its not in principle, orignally SongKong was a desktop only application, and this supports multiple folders,but also the original intended use was to simply select your music folder and process in one go so multiple folder selection not used that much anyway.

Then we added the Web UI, but the jstree widget that we use is not that easy to understand, so I simply couldn’t work out how to allow adding multiple folder selection at the time, we need to do it and there is an issue already raised for this

I’ll try to have another look soon, in the meantime there is the workaround.

Thanks for the information. I can understand the basic idea behind the current functionality of Songkong. For me, the topic of folders has become particularly relevant since the “Auto Edit” function was added.
I’m happy if there can be a solution,

Do you have any feedback on the Auto Edit tool itself?

I think the tool is an excellent addition; I’ve used it a few times and am satisfied.
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