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Selected Metadata Correction from MusicBrainz?

Is there a way to select only certain information to be imported from MusicBrainz for a specific album?

Case in point, I’ve imported some older “mix tape” albums that my friends and I had created over the years. Most of them just called something like “Chuck’s Driving Tunes” and tracks listed as “Track 01, Track 02” etc. (Obviously I’m just importing for the nostalgia).

I’d like to import partial correct metadata such as Title, Artist etc. but not Track Number/Total or Album.

Is there a way to do this that I’m missing?

If not, I’d like to submit this as a Feature Request. Perhaps a checkbox at the top of the columns in the “Manual MusciBrainz” correction window which would enable/disable importing that data.

You can do this but it is a bit cumbersome. You need to edit MusicBrainz:Format:Never Modify these Fields and Remote CorrectDiscogs:Never Modify these Fields.

There are plans to be able to do this on a more adhoc basis without needing to change the settings each time.

Perfect, this worked like a charm. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have a related feature request. I have a CD that is not listed on Music brainz but has songs that almost match all the songs in another CD listed in Musicbrainz. I would like to import some of the information like artist, composer, lyricist etc. into the songs I have and augment the information I have already manually tagged. What is the best way to do it. I think the feature that will work best is to pull all the columns and have the ability to choose to update only certain (potentially different) cells for each song. I can think of each cell having a clickbox to choose if it saves or not. Is this somehow possible. It will make my music collection better.

By setting MusicBrainz:Format:Modify if Empty and Remote and Correct:Discogs:Modify if Empty you can get Jaikoz to only update fields if they do not currently have a value.

But you can only do this in the settings.

You can force Jaikoz to match a CD in MusicBrainz using Action:Match to Album:Match Songs to one specified MusicBrainz Album