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Scrambled metadata after running SongKong


I recently downloaded a bunch of albums from Qobuz. On two of them, after I run SongKong with the Roon profile I find that all the track numbers are changed and the total number of tracks reported is increased greatly. In one case the total tracks is reported as 178 when it is 54. When I check the files before using SongKong with another simple tag editors, all the track numbers and total tracks are correct. On one album, the track titles are also scrambled or missing. The two albums are the recently issued 2022 remasters of Wagner’s Siegfried and Gotterdamerung by Solti. I will create support files.

Hi, okay I don’t think that particular album is on MusicBrainz so it could not match the right one.

But there are many version of this work and SongKong did manage to find another version that had all the tracks on the release, but being a larger release the tracknos are different. Unfortunately trying to match an album based on a set of music files (rather than a CD) is a more fuzzy system, and SongKong has to make a decision about if the best match is good enough. Now with the defaults it will never match a set of songs to an album if all songs could not be matched to the album, but it will allow match to an album if all songs could be matched to an album but there were additional songs in the album that could not be matched. This is for two reasons:

  • Users sometimes have incomplete albums
  • If user has a multi disc album they sometimes only match one disc at a time

But you easily tighten up the match so it only matches albums where all tracks on album have been matched by enabling Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched on the Match tab of Fix Songs, this is what I recommend you do to prevent problem re-ocurring

SongKong will not remove a title and leave it blank so I dont understand the missing comment. Track titles will get modified because of the album they have been matched, and this is further complicated for classical releases that the same piece of work maybe labelled differently on different releases.

Thanks, Paul for your quick response and advice.

In the end I just uploaded the files as they were from Qobuz into Roon and into Innuos Sense and they were fine (though Unidentified for now in Roon). I believe the issue with the track numbers and the scrambled title arose because Siegfried tracks were matched by SongKong to a release of the whole Ring Cycle and a Siegfried track was renamed as being from Gotterdamerung.

Cheers, Ian

I have checked the box to allow only a match if all tracks in the album are matched.