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Save multi value genres as comma/semicolon separated text


thanks for the amazing program that is Jaikoz, it’s really helping me fix my huge library. As a DJ though, I often rely on correct genre information and I was sad to see that Jaikoz doesn’t save multiple genres in a format that is compatible with iTunes and Traktor. This means that I can only rely on the first genre to search my music, especially in those two programs.

As a temporary fix, is there any other software on the Mac that supports multiple genres in the way Jaikoz does?

But most importantly, I would really really like to have an option that flattens out all the genres as comma/semicolon separated text for full iTunes & Traktor search ability.


Okay so Jaikoz can write genres to both the Genre field and the Grouping field. By default it only writes to the genre field but you can change this for Musicbrainz in Preferences:MusicBrainz:Format and for Discogs in Preferences:Remote Correct:Discogs

The key thing is that it writes to the grouping field in the format you require for genre field. You could then copy over to the genre field if grouping field is no good as follows:

Drag Grouping column to the right of the Genre column.
Right click on Genre header and select Empty Column
Select fields in both Genre and Grouping columns
Select Edit:Append to Left

For each row the value in the right field is copied to the corresponding value in the left field.

Very easy fix, thanks! Regarding also my other question, is there any possibility of a permanent fix with the options outline above?

Maybe a general solution to both problems would be to have the possibility to have an action that can copy contents of different tags or a simple scripting language that can do that. I understand that building something like this might not be worth the effort.

Actually I’ve forgotten there is already a slightly easier choice

Drag Grouping column to the right of the Genre column.
Select fields in both Genre and Grouping columns
Select Edit:Swap

Additionally I could add

Edit/Swap Columns/Swap Genre with Grouping
Edit/Swap Columns/Swap Label with Grouping

that would be little effort, if you want that please raise an issue on JIRA Issue tracker (username:user, password:user)