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Roon Tags in Jaikoz


i have a question regarding the roon tags in jaikoz.

Is the Roon Album Tag and Roon Track Tag recognized by Roon if maintaned in Jaikoz?
If that’s the case what if there are already tags for the Album/Track available. Will the tags be overwritten?

One additional question: Will the “Is Live” Tag recognized if maintained in Jaikoz?

Thanks for the info!

Best regards

All these fields are actually store in your music files so if you modify them in Jaikoz then they are modified in the music files tags themselves, and all are recognized by Roon they were added for Roon users.

If these songs have not yet been added to Roon then when you do add them Roon will read these tags and act accordingly.

If you have already loaded these songs in Roon you will not notice any immediate effect but if you rescan the files in Roon then Roon will pick up these new values and act accordingly.

ok, thanks for the info!