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Roon, Artist, Artist details

When I run SongKong’s Fix Songs, some albums in Roon display both the artist and the artist + details. In this case, all tracks are shown as performed by Denis Kozhukhin and Denis Kozhukhin (piano). I’d like Roon to show just Denis Kozhukhin. Is there a setting in SongKong to achieve this? If not, is there a way of manually getting rid of Denis Kozhukhin (piano)?

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Hi I think Roon is taking Dennis Kozhukhin from either Artist or Album Artist field, and taking Denis Kozhukhin (piano) from Performer field, from a SongKong point of view you could prevent this problem by adding Performer field to the Format:Never Modify or add these fields option


If it was only an issue for Classical releases you could just add to the Classical:Never Modify or add these fields option instead.


Alternatively there may be a way to just prevent Roon from adding same performer twice, but Im not sure and would be best asked on the Roon forum.

Thank you for your helpful reply, Paul. Since I left that query, I’ve posed a related question on the Roon community forum. I’ve discovered that I can get around the problem by editing the album at the track level. This is pretty tedious and time-consuming but it works!

All the best


Ok but if you change the setting it should prevent the problem for future albums. Alternatively if too late for that you could possibly use a tagger tool to remove all performers easily then reimport into Room.

E.g very easy to do this in Jaikoz - How do you remove all data for a particular field

Fortunately, I hadn’t run SongKong over my entire collection so I’ve followed your advice and configured it as you suggested. Thank you, Paul.

Great, I havent tried this with Roon myself so please check it works for you.

It works :slight_smile:

Could I check with you what audio format was this an issue for?

I didn’t track that, Paul. What I can tell you, though, is that my music library is a mix of .flacs (downloads) and .m4as (ripped CDs). Hope this helps a bit and thanks for your support.