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Risks of running a renaming of unidentified tracks?

So I looked at the logs, there were a few StaleObjectStateException but not that many, so I don’t think this is the issue. It had processed 224, 4084 and deleted 56,287 of the files (plus subfolders and other files) in three days, so slow but not as slow as I first thought, at this rate would take you about a month?

I suspect the slowness is a combination of me making it single threaded, and the large number of files that were found to be duplicate and hence the large number of files to be deleted, and associated folders to be checked for possible deletion. I need to do some performance analysis here to speed up the algorithm (by possibly multi threading part of it), but I need to finish new Jaikoz release first so this may not happen until after Xmas.

But I also noticed your preferred deletion folder criteria was less than optimum, I dont think you want Longest Track Length so high up , I thought you would be using the Most Songs in Same Folder
or Earliest Folder Modified Date I added for you.

Preferred Deletion Criteria, Keep Song that Matches Criteria:
    Highest Quality Audio Format
    Highest Bitrate
    Longest Track Length
    Original Filename
    Earliest File Modified Date
    Highest Bit Depth
    Not Compilation Album
    Latest File Modified Date
    Album with Most Tracks
    Earliest Folder Modified Date
    Latest Folder Modified Date
    Most Songs in Same Folder

Yes I did notice that for some strange reason the most tracks option was back at the very end of this list. Maybe another issue in the settings ? like the ignore already processed tracks setting that is not changing anymore ?

It will be at end by default, because you would be updating from earlier release and therefore SongKong doesn’t modify your existing settings by putting this new option at end. You need to modify the option yourself to make use of it.

Whereas, if it was brand new install with no existing user configuration would be higher up in default list.

Anyway, I now have approx 15 days to re-run a fix job on the remaining 1 million tracks :wink:

I’ll be back the day I restart the duplicates finder task ^^