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Retagging / Fixing Discog/Musicbrainz Info

I’m going through my my Various Artist compilations and updating tag info from MB and Discogs.

I note that some albums are being “mangled” and on further inspection it’s clear that it’s because the albums in question have more than one unique MB ID and/or Discogs ID.

So my question is, what is the easiest way to fix these? I have around 100,000 tracks to go through, so I don’t really want to do it manually.

I thought of just stripping all of the discogs and mbids and retagging but that seems a bit extreme as I’m sure there are plenty tagged correctly.

I guess I could export the tags to a spreadsheet and use the album name vs MB Album ID / discogs ID to remove dupes and then check for any that have more than one listing of the album.

Before I do so is there something obvious within the app that I’m missing?

So within a particular release, some of the tracks have a different releaseId when they should of course have the same releaseid.

I think running Report:List missing songs for Albums may help you identify these problem albums.