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Request to support filename variable Music Brainz Artist D disambiguation in Musicbrainz / Songkong


Is it possible for you to add support, of reading musicbrainz artist Disambiguation fields. For example,
If you go to this link for the rock group “The Guess Who”

You will see that the artist disambiguation field is set to Canadian rock band.

The reason that i want you to add support for reading this artist disambiguation field is because their are a number of different guess who artists for “guess who”.

See here:

Adding support for the artist disambiguation field would allow me to have file name mask rules like

ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,’ /’)

ifnotempty(albumartist,’ - ')

ifnotempty(mbalbumartistdisambiguation ,"-")      < new field name  you define in songkong >

ifnotempty(mbreleasetype,’ - ')

ifnotempty(albumyear,’ - ')

ifnotempty(album,’ /’)


ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),’ - ')


Is it possible for you to add support in your mask field variables for Music Brainz Artist ID disambiguation fields. This new field could then be used in filename mask rename rules.

Robert Smith

Hi, Im aware of the issue however if only added to the rename mask you still have the problem that the artist metadata for both artists will be the same.

Now, we could add disambuguation comment for all artists to the artist and album artist metadata fields but then we have the issue of seeing the extra info for artists that may share a name with another artist but not one in our own music collection, therefore not necessary for most cases.

So my idea was a consistency checker task that searches our collection for different multiple artists with the same name and then only add disambugation comment to artist/album artist metadata fields for these ones, this would then show as a difference in filename as well.

What do you think ?


Please let me clarify, I want to add the feature artist and album disambiguration to the rename functions / mask and also to the consistency checker. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Robert Smith

Okay I get it, seems reasonable and fairly easy to add fields for this disambugation data as a first step.