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[Request] Classical: *conditionally* add Composer to work

Mobile music players (e.g., iPhone) have limited display real estate, so being selective about what info to add is key to making them pleasant to use.

Currently, SongKong has an option to “Add Composer to start of title” under the “Classical” tab. If the entire album covers works by a single composer (and the composer is in the album title, which the player usually will display), adding the composer to the track title (or Work) is redundant, and uses up valuable space.

Therefore, I’d request an option under the “Classical” tab:

  • “Add Composer to start of Title/Work only if Album covers multiple composers”

What do you think?

Hi Alex
This option doesn’t add Composer to Track title, only Album Title if it doesn’t seem to already exist.

Additionally SongKong can keep Classical album track titles shorter by enabling the Shorten Song Title to the Movement option. This is an Advanced Option, so may be hidden by default.