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Replacing empty genre columns?

Good day,

I am using SongKong Music Tagger Pro and have a very easy question.
I have a lot of albums that have for example empty Genre’s.
Now I want to make it so that every single one of those is changed to something I give up … for example soundtrack.

How do I do this? Been trying out Auto Edit but that one doesnt seem to be able to select empty lines and only edits Genre’s that are filled in already.

Don’t think possible to do that with Auto Edit currently because Find and Replace is for replacing text in an existing field but it sounds like you dont have an exisitng Genre field to replace, maybe I should add to Auto Edit or might be better fix for the Scripter task (not done yet) that wil let you to custom field manipulation a bit like the File rename masks but for fields not filenames.

Looked into this further, currently because Find and Replace is intended to replace something with something else if the field is empty/non-existent we ignore it but I can see the value of your use case so implemented as follows.

If you set Match As to Match Regular Expression and set Find to ^$ (which denotes empty string in regex) it will then replace empty strings with the Replace value but will not modify fields with an existing value

So we have set Select metadata fields to modify to Genre and Grouping. For this set of files they already have a value for Genre but not Grouping, so we only want Grouping to be modified

This will be in next release-

Did try that before but did not do anything. So I threw the songs in a different tagging package and… well… it didnt even show Genre was an added tag on those songs.
As if it was fully missing the Genre tag in general :S

Yes your songs have no exisitng value for genre so they will not have a genre field.

I was showing you a change I have made for next release and how to use it, it does not work for current release.

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Now available