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Renaming Title

because of trouble with compilation CD�s on Sensus-system in my Volvo XC40 I�d like to rename the song-title like this:

before renaming: “Title”

after renaming: “Track-No_Artist_Title”

How can I do this for a lot of compilation CD�s?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, change the last line of Preferences:File and Folder Correct:Correct Filename from Metadata:Compilation Rename mask to

 ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ') + ifnotempty(artist,'_') + title

Then run Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct Metadata from Filename

Hi Paul,

thanks for your help.
If I add your line I get an error-message
"Invalid compilation mask please check the syntax2
(not able to attache the screenshot).
There was only one line in the compilations mask so I add your line without erasing the existing one.
Is there an error from my side?


Can you just cut and paste the contents of the field and post it here.

I have similiar issue. Do you know guys the solution? Thanks!

Well what exactly is your problem, please Paste your rename mask