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Renaming after Unique File ID (filenames that never change?)

Is it possible to add the ability for Jaikoz to rename the files after a unique ID such as an iTunes Database ID? This would allow them to be rsynced regardless of the metadata changes. I’m not sure if there is a non-iTunes equivalent.

Yate displays something called a “PID” and “Unique File ID” but i’m not sure where it gets that data.

This would greatly simplify the process of rsyncing files from my DJ laptop to my central music server.

I’ve been using SuperSync for this, but aside form the fact that it barely works, it only syncs a small portion of the metadata. It can’t “replace original files with modified files” which is what I need.

In the rename mask you have access to the


concatenating these together would give you a unique id, but only assuming you only had only one copy of any particular file, and that the song was matched against Musicbrainz.

Unique File Id is a field in ID3. If you enable View ID3 tabs you can see within Jaikoz how Jaikoz fields map to ID3 fields (for mp3s) , and you’ll see we use the Unique File Id to store the mbtrackid, and I expect Yate does the same.

I don’t know what PID is unless it refers to the predecesser of Acoustid, Puids.