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Rename mask that adds album year

I am struggling with a small issue around versions of Albums
I think that I can resolve it by adding a date stamp to the Rename Mask.
AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/AlbumArtistorArtist - Album - Disk - Track - Title


AlbumArtistorArtist/Album/AlbumArtistorArtist - Album (Year) - Disk - Track - Title

How do I accomplish this?

Can I check you mean Jaikoz because you have chosen a Jaikoz topic group but have referenced an existing SongKong mask ?
The actual syntax of the mask is the same in both applications, but you can currently only name masks in SongKong.

Then my question should have been: how do I change the syntax of the mask in Songkong?

I have moved topic, all masks can be edited and new ones created in Preferences

I think the line you need to add year in brackets is

You could try adding this

+ '(' + (year.length>4 ? year.substring(0,4):year) +')'


+ ifnotempty(album,'/')
+ ifnotempty2(albumartist,artist,' - ')
+ ifnotempty(album,' ')
+ '(' + (year.length>4 ? year.substring(0,4):year) +') '
+ ifmultidisc(ifnotempty(pad(discno,2),' - '))
+ ifnotempty(pad(trackno,2),' - ')
+ title