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Rename Folder from Metadata missing from v11.0.5 Curve

After installing this version went to Preferences/File and Folder Correct but can’t see the Rename Folder from Metadata tab. Is this just me or is it a bug?

Filename and Subfoldert masks have been merged into one mask now, see Jaikoz 11.0 Rename Files from Metadata Changes

Hi Paul, thank you for both a quick and such a comprehensive reply… actually you could of saved yourself a lot of typing since “you had me at” it’s been combined into one rename mask (Jerry Maguire :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

The new way is great. May I suggest you add “Folder” to this tab’s name so it becomes “Rename File and Folder From Metadata” then ppl like me who haven’t kept up to date with changes will know it’s now combined.

Correction required in the Offline help:
In section “2.2. Delete Duplicates” it looks like you need to replace
“Album Id” with “Release Id” to match the GUI.

Regards Nigel

thanks, yes Help needs an overhaul it is outdated regarding Jaikoz 11