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Remote Correct > Correct Genres is now a "Greylist"

How do we now work with this grey listing of “genres” that are out there in the wild … ?? Are we supposed to enter an alternative “standard” genre if one of them comes up ?? If so, how is this done ?

Yes, you are meant to add a second value, however its not working - - also changes to Genre list don’t seem to take affect until restart

What does a “grey list” mean in this context?

That part doesn’t currently work, but what it means is like a white list except you can convert a matching value to another value.

Example:Map three genres to one
All three genres are mapped to a more generic genre when such specific genres are not required
Black Metal;Metal
Goth Metal;Metal
Doom Metal;Metal

I tought I can do that with
Preference -> Local Correct -> Auto Format -> under Genre -> Replace word by another word and use a Genre_Replacer which was created under Manipulation - Word Replacer and filled with the data in the example above.

That is good point, I think you are probably right here.