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Release Date Tag

I’m currently using Jaikoz Audio Tagger 9.3.0 and use it to update my mp3 collection for use in Pioneer Rekordbox. I’ve recently been wanting to make use of release date in Rekordbox when I noticed that none of my mp3s had that data, even though I use the Discogs and Music BrainBrainz remote database.

I found release date featured in the Jaikoz help docs, but not in my available Jaikoz Audio Tagger columns. Perhaps this has only been added in the latest software version?

Also, are there plans to update the scroll list up/down arrows for fields (at least in Mac OS version) with the inclusion of an actual scrollbar? as it takes so long to keep checking/unchecking from such a long list without being to actually scroll.

Its called Album Year in Jaikoz, not sure when added

Good idea raised

Note if you update to latest version you can have multiple tabs in the main table, making it much easier to deal with the columns.

Thanks for responding Paul.

Looking at your ‘Album Year’ screenshot it shows as yyyy and not yyyy-mm-dd

That seems missing in my version too, but not sure I see a release date equivalent in any of the other columns in the screenshot either. I can see the other Original Year and Original Release Year columns, but even though they show as yyyy-mm-dd and thus not actual yyyy as a Year field would suggest, there doesn’t seem to be an actual Release Date field, as per discussed in Pioneer thread if that helps:

They suggest some other tag software, but I’ve tried them all, Jaikoz is the only one for me. Hopefully there is a solution.

Okay, actually few things here all date fields in Jaikoz can store either full date or just year, and when auto-matching sometimes MusicBrainz has exact date other times it only has year.

The fieldnames are the display names they map to different fields depending on the audio and tagging format used , actually Album Year is not the field you need it is a custom field (TXXX) added by Jaikoz.

Year maps to TYER for ID3v23
Year maps to TDRC for ID3v24

Original Year maps to TORY for ID3v23
Original Year maps to TDOR for ID3v24

Now ID3v24 defines a Release Time frame called TDRL and we dont map to that field in Jaikoz Edit tab, but if you go to the ID3 Edit tab and enable Release Year column this will show the value you are looking for, give it a try

Nice one, that worked. Entering the Release Year via the ID3 Edit tab (yyyy-mm-dd).

Something weird happened when pulling the tags into Rekordbox however, it stored the data in Rekordbox which is fine, but when I then view my mp3 files in Jaikoz the data is no longer there for Release Year … the data is in the mp3 files however, as I tried the files in another audio app (Kid3 for testing purposes) and the data for Release Year is still there (which is good). When I go back to Jaikoz however, the column is completely blank. So I can no longer edit that data in Jaikoz as it seems the data is there and is just not showing correctly, which means I can’t rely on what data is actually there now.

Has Recordbox perhaps just changed the format for it’s own preference? and Jaikoz is not able to read that data now? or is something else amiss? I can see in Rekordbox that it displays the values it imported in yyyy-mm-dd format, as dd-mm-yyyy format. So I guess perhaps Rekordbox has changed the data, which Jaikoz cannot read, and it would explain why another audio editor can see the data (Kid 3 shows it in yyyy-mm-dd format as I originally entered in Jaikoz).

Hard to say, can you email an example file of where this happens.