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Registration problems

Hi, my registered version of Pro suddenly reverted to a trial version. I couldn’t find a solution, and I like the program, so I bought a three year upgrade. But it still opens as a trial only version - even though I’ve shut down windows a couple of times. What can I do?

I tested your license and it was fine, have you have restarted since purchasing update extension?

Have you another computer to try it on, to see if problem restricted to your computer?

Not currently. Here’s a few screenshots.

Can you rename your license.jai file, restart Jaikoz, run Advanced:Create Support Files and email

Hi Paul, I’m back at house 1 now, where it’s updated automatically. I’ll try this next time I’m at house 2, which is where the problem is.

Hi, actually I think you just dont have your paid license installed, I have resent it to you by email.