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Quick Start Guide / How to use

I have reviewed things and just am stuck, is there a quick start guide or anything available? What I think would be how to start has yielded me no results in as far as automatically tagging anything.
What I have tried:

  • Load Folder (only had 1 artist in it)
  • Then I click the Auto Correct Button
  • it then says, as example, loading 199 songs, matched 0, or matched 183
    –> Why isn’t it matching all 199?
    –> What do i do to fix this?
    –> when it is found by me on the MusicBrainz site, is there a way i can use the number on MusicBrainz to force it to link here?


Not currently, need doing as part of website redesign.

So does the Artist folder folder contain Album sub-folders or just a list of songs directly within the Artist folder?

If it only contains songs then it is harder to identify the correct album because can only use existing metadata to group the albums, and by default Jaikoz will not match songs unless it can match all the songs in the grouping to an album. This is important for accurate matching because most songs are available on multiple albums (different versions of same album or completely different compilations albums) and prevents splitting up your songs into different albums.

However, if lack of folder structure and existing metadata is preventing matching you can remove restriction by unchecking Preferences:Remote Correct:Match:Only allow if all songs in grouping match to one album

Well, if it matched 0 songs then I’m guessing the problem is as described above.

If it matched 183 out of 199 songs that is a good result, maybe the other songs are not in the MusicBrainz/Discogs database. Sometimes rerunning can garner additional results because Jaikoz can make use of recently matched songs in helping to match remaining songs

Yes, ensure only the songs in the album are listed (e.g by using the Column browser), then use Action:Match to Album:Match Songs to Specified MusicBrainz Album

OK, well that is great news!..I Think…What number do i put under what ection in order to force match things? i see in jaikoz there are a whole bunch of ids, everything from track, release, artist, disc…, and then what number from musicbrainz do i match from. For instance Release “Groove Station” by Various Artists - MusicBrainz is the web address, so it does exist, i just need to get everything from the online db into the metadata on the file itself.

Also, doe sit imbed it in the file metadata itself so if it is later veiwed in file explorer it will show up, and also does it rename the track name into what it finds? Also, does it capture the albumart too and imbed it into the file?

Thank you paul for your assistance in using this. If these are ‘yes’ then i think i can start seeing advantages to using this, just like everyone is saying…we will see - thanks for your reply

Thanks Paul for responding. All of my songs are arranged by artist name in their own respective folder, then within that is that particular artists work (all their albums) and then each album in that artists respective folder has its own respective tracks, so 1 artist = 1 folder, then they have 3 albums and then each album has 12 songs on each - all songs for each album are in their own folder, and all albums are separately within each artist - hope that explains it ok :frowning:

so then if it matches the 183 of 199, then i can use the manual force match process to get the other remaining tracks, is that correct?

Okay so the url to the release is where the hexadecimal number at end is the releaseId. You should just enter the releaseId into the entry field that comes up when yo use Match to Specified MusicBrainz Release task


It does embed the mbreleaseid and other data, and album art.

You can rename files using the Action:File and Folder Correct:Correct FIlenames form Metadata

Okay if the files are in separate albums folders then it sounds okay.

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wow, with your help now i successfully tagged my first album with the data i forced it to get - thank you so so much!
now, i have like 30g of songs, am i probably going to have to do this album by album or is there a faster way, now that i have proof that it works so easily?

also, is there a way to copy and paste data from one file to the other down the list, instead of having to copy 1 field, then paste each of the 12 others? like is there a filler way to fill all, cause the options i see are all greyed out

So originally you said it matched 183 out of 199, so you only need to match to specified album for the ones that don’t match, no need to do each album one by one.

To copy one value to multiple fields you select the one field, then Copy, then select the 12 fields as one selection and select Paste