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Questions on Deleting Duplicates on Melco

Yes, I think I know how to run a status report. It is the first task option, named “Berichte” in my German menu. My last action did show up on my screen when I ran it. Then I hit the Create support files button again. Not sure really what I might have missed.
And yes, it would certainly be good to understand how to find duplicates in my music libraray that I am not yet aware of. I guess I need to untick the box “search for duplicates only in the same folder” when running the Deletete Duplicates task.

Okay I’m going to do some tests to see of there issue with Create Support Files, on the meantime could you run Fix Songs in preview mode instead, and run Create Support Files again.

But you are right that option should not be enabled in Delete Duplicates

Just did as you suggested.

This created FixSongs00197 report.

Thanks it does seem no status report was created because if created after Delete Duplicates the Fix Songs report would be FixSongs00197 but it doesn’t matter, I can see the details of one copy of Slowhand

But I cannot see details for the other copy because its not in the same folder, so if you could run Fix Songs against the other one as well we can see if they have been matched to exact same album

You mean by specifying the following location when running the Fix Song task?

“/mnt/disk1/share/import_CD/Eric Clapton” “/mnt/disk1/share/Music/Eric Clapton”

That was just an example, I dont know what the paths are (although I can see that /mnt/disk1/share/import_CD/Eric Clapton is one from last report).

Anyway, you could do this but I only need the other folder because you have already done the first one

I have done both tasks, so you should see them now.

Okay matched same MB Release for both

So Delete Duplicates should work, you just need to select both folders when you run it.

How can I influence which version of the 2 albums will be deleted? I obviously would want the version in the Import CD folder to be deleted and keep the ones in the main music library folder.

First of all I would just run in preview mode to see if it now finds duplicates

Then to answer your question that is the purpose of the second options tab

The preferred deletion criteria compares each duplicate going down the list and for the first one where there is a difference the file which best matches the criteria is kept and the other discarded.

Now, if all the songs are sonically identially with the defaults l expect Earliest Folder Modified Date would prefer the one in the main music library folder, but I’m not sure maybe its the other way round and you need to move Latest Folder Modified Date up the list , we can see if it is right for you by running in preview mode first.

We do have an Earliest Folder Creation Date criteria but unfortunately that is only available for Windows because unix based machines such as the Melco do not store creation and last modified date separately, they share the same field

Paul, Thank you very much for all your help today! Very impressed with the level of support you provide: speed, diligence and patience - what more can a user ask for! You have enabled me to make a giant leap forward from where I were yesterday. Cheers!

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I ran the Delete Duplicates task yesterday afternoon on the xect same folders. This time I did not chose Preview Only. For some reason it did still not find any duplicates. I did just run a status report and created support files.

Hi, I think there is a regression introduced in SongKong 10.3 Blur affecting the Song is a Duplicate if it has same option, I will come back to you later today.

Hi, I ran this task the day after I had upgraded to SongKong 10.4 already.

Yeah but Ive only just discovered the regression as a result of your message, it wasnt fixed in 10.4.

Will you be able to gix this with version 10.5?

Sorry - I meant to say fix

I’m going to issue a 10.4.1 fix as soon as I can, maybe today

Update, the bug I found whilst investigating your issue only applies to desktop ui not the web ui you use on Melco so is not relevant to your case.

I relooked at your reports and realized I missed something quite obvious

The version of the Slowhand album in /mnt/disk1/share/import_CD folder has not actually been matched to MusicBrainz because Fix Songs only run in preview mode. If you rerun Fix Songs with preview unchecked and then rerun Delete Duplicates on both folders in one go it should now work.