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Questions about choices of SongKong versions


I currently own a Melco N1ZH/2 and have MinimServer installed. I mainly use MinimWatch from my Windows 7 PC on same LAN to configure the MinimServer installed on the Melco, and use MP3TAG to edit metadata for music files stored in the Melco.

I am very interested in SongKong and would like to have a trial first before purchasing. Would appreciate some clarification on below questions:

  1. I will use SongKong mainly from my Windows 7 PC, similar to current usage of MP3TAG. Should I choose the version: SongKong - Windows 64bit?

  2. Is the Windows version SongKong functioning exactly same as the Melco version, so that it is not necessary to choose the Melco version and have SongKong installed and running on the Melco?

  3. Is it correct that even I decide to install Windows version SongKong on my PC and the Melco version on the Melco, I will only need to purchase one license for two installation? And by presenting my Melco product serial number there is a special discount right?

  4. What’s the difference, or relationship between SongKong and Jaikoz? Under which situation or specific needs then separately purchasing Jaikoz in addition to SongKong may become necessary?

Thanks and appreciate all kinds of sharing here.


Hi Patrick

You only need to purchase one license to use on upto three machines (inc PC and Melco N1) but you need a Melco license for it to work on Melco so you need to purchase a single Melco license for PC

Melco license also gives some extra functionality for dealing with Naim wav files -

PC/N1 downloads work the same except when installed on PC has desktop and Web UI, whereas for obvious reasons N1 install only has Web UI.

Jaikoz was developed before SongKong, its more of a Swiss Army Tool that can do most things but requires more input from user, SongKong is more automated and hence quicker and simpler to use.

Only SongKong runs on the Melco N1