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Question / Need help / Settings

I just got done reading the userguide online and I still can’t figure out how to solve my situation. I’m hoping someone can tell me; if this is possible and how to do it if it is.

I have an external drive that has 8000 mp3 files saved on it. I’ve ran Jakoz on it with AutoCorrect, Retrieve ID’s, AutoCorrect from MB. I’m not sure it did anything to the files.

A bunch of the mp3’s are in separate folders by Artist name and some just say “Unknown Artist”

My questions are: Can I have Jaikoz rename the Folders these songs are in by Artist and/or can I just move all the mp3’s into one folder on that drive?

It’d be great to be able to save the mp3’s within their folders, with the folders named correctly but I can’t seem to get it to do that. I still have paths that are E:/Music/Unknown Artist/Unknown/ (in this case Track10.mp3. When I add it to iTunes though it shows up with the correct Artist and Track info)

ANY help or advice would help!


You just need to run Action/File and Folder Correct/Correct Sub Folder From Tags.


Can you elaborate on that? I’ve messed around with a couple things in the program and apparently I’m not doing the correct action.

I dont really know what else to say its just a menu option you have to run. Perhaps better if you send me your support files (with 'Action/Create Support Files) and a bit more explanation of whats not working.

Hi Paul,

Thanks, I found where you were talking and it worked perfectly! I was trying to change the settings from within the Preferences for something else. Thanks for helping me.


Can I add to this as I have a similar problem, although it seemed to activate at the last attempt…

Basically I have just started running the trial version and not convinced so far, as the manual appears as gobbly gook rather than just giving basic instructions or some process flow diagrams.

Anyway, on going to ‘save’ changes I believe it processed one song but then gave a pop up window saying can only do 20 files for the trial version…so why did it only do just the one??

When however I go into the original file through explorer, I notice that it aint changed jack! What a total waste of time and piece of rubbish - please tell me otherwise to justify purchasing this kit.

Whilst the manual is not ‘Shakespeare’ I don’t think its ‘Gobbly Gook’ either, its alot more thorough then what you get with applications like iTunes.

No, you must have made some saves earlier, you can definitently make 20 saves in one session, if you send your support files (Advanced/Create Support Files) I can double check this for you.

and if it said it has saved chnages it would have, I think you are just misreading/misundertsanding something.