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Question about Jaikoz Word Replacer

How should the Word Replacer work?
In the help under point 2.8.4 is as in Jaikoz itself some word replacements exemplary entered. For example ft. -> feat.
But according to my analysis this works only, if in the field for example Artist this ft. is all alone in the field. However not if there is Billy Stewart ft. Bo Diddley.
That means, the word to be replaced must be the only one in this field.
This makes no sense!
So the example word substitutions don’t make sense, because in an artist field there will never be the word ft. standing all alone (or & as another example).

It should work in both cases, I will have to test it out.

Getting confusing results so raised so I dont forget about this.

Okay word replacer does work for words in the middle, but there is one bug and some other subtleties that may have mislead you.

If you make changes to the word replacer settings it will have no effect until you restart Jaikoz because once Jaikoz has used a word replacer it is cached and not modified, so if you had modified word replacer to test something out it would have no effect, same issue with Punctuation Remover and Word Seperator manipulators as well, this will be fixed for next release.

Also, local correct values are only modified if the songs do not have a MusicBrainz Recording Id - the logic here is that if already matched to MusicBrainz then the data provided by MusicBrainz will be better than corrections that can be done with Local Correct algorithm, so that may be reason why it seemed to do nothing.

Also, word replacer does understand punctuation so in your example you do need to be matching on ft. rather than just ft

Hopefully this clears things up.

Now fixed in Jaikoz 11.0.4 Tad released June 7th 2021

Paul, thank you for the new version of Jaikoz.