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Punctuation remover not working

I am using the punctuation remover to remove all punctuations in my title, album, artist names etc. When a start the local correction I can see that all the “:” for example are removed first but then they come back at the end of the local correction. I checked all the other settings but I couldn’t find out why the punctuation comes back. An idea why this is happening?

Sounds like a bug, ‘.’ can be a special character for find and replace expressions so maybe that is the reason I will look into it further.

I misread : as .

Now actually I just tried Local Correct and it didnt seem to work but then I remembered it was because Local Correct is not applied if the song already has a MB Recording Id (because songs matched to MusicBrainz will have better results then we are likely to get with this simple local correct algorithm)

So is the problem, that the songs have a MB Recording Id?

How can I find out whether a song has a MB Recording ID?

Just display the MB Recording Id column from the drop down, or for a particular song in the detail section it is shown on the MusicBrainz tab