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Provide "Show Work Movement" tag to iTunes

At the moment, Jaikoz and SongKong use the “Is_Classical” tag to identify classical music, and the work and movement tags are populated where appropriate. However, no tag is provided to iTunes to identify this, so the user has to manually select tracks and tick “Use Work and Movement”. Couldn’t Jaikoz/Songkong instead just set “Show Work Movement” to 1 where appropriate and then no manual effort is required?

No I dont think so because the iTunes option Show Work Movement is not a field stored in the files themselves, it is more of a gui flag and there is not a way to change it outside of iTunes. However I have found if you just go into iTunes and enabled this option for all songs it doesnt seem to cause a problem for releases without work:movement fields since it has no effect in that case. I talk about this towards the end of this blog post

That’s what I thought originally too, but try it and you will see - if you create a tag called “Show Work Movement” = 1 in the underlying files and import them, then hey presto, it works!

Hmm, what format are these files ?

But I think what might be happening is that iTunes enables this by default for newly imported files but not files already in iTunes, just try without using this tag for some other files.

Files are m4a. I don’t think it works for mp3.

Not sure what you meant by that?

I meant import new files into iTunes (or let Jaikoz add them) without adding this new tag and they shold still display grouped by work in iTunes

I’ve already tried that - it loses the structure if the tag is not there.

Hmm, thats not the behaviour I was getting, if you do then select the files and check that value withi iTunes itself I assume it does then show them grouped ?

How are you putting Show Work Movement" = 1 into an mp4, would be helpful if you email me the said file so I can see how stored internally ?


With dBpoweramp Edit Id-tag.

I discovered this by using dBpoweramp to look at the files after setting the “Use work & movement” flag in iTunes - it creates a tag “Show Work Movement”. Other sources refer to this but name the tag incorrectly. So if you have dBpoweramp, you can easily check it yourself by inspecting the file after setting the flag. I then discovered that I could set the flag directly in dBpoweramp and it would work correctly on import. It even works if you create a SHOW WORK MOVEMENT tag in FLAC and use dBpoweramp to convert to m4a (NOT mp3).
If you still need a file, let me know (music files are rather large and I have a VERY slow broadband connection).

Okay Ill try it, maybe they have changed things since Im sure it didnt use to do this and I spoke to iTunes guru Doug from a few months ago and he said it could not be done.