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Profile Query Settings Not Being Applied

Hi, new member here with a query regarding setting profiles.
I’ve created a simple profile in the preferences, when i set the filename mask to Artist/Title and click ok i expect that to remain constant until i change the profile.
When i ran my first fix songs operation i noticed that the filename mask had defaulted to AlbumArtist - Album (Year)/Track - Artist - Title

Is there a way to force my choice to be applied and not revert?

Before you start Fix Songs you can select a predefined list of options from the Current Profile list, any changes you make to the options will be saved to that profile (you can also make a copy of profile using Clone button)


and on the Filenaming tab you can specify the mask to use (plus a different one if you want for compilations)

But what you cannot do here because it made the interface too complex is actually modify the mask itself. Instead you can modify masks and create new masks in the Preferences

So you can select a mask in Filename Masks to Edit ,and then if you use that mask in Fix Songs it will use the modified version of the mask. But when you open the Preferences window nothing is selected to start with because it is just a list of all the masks available, its not the mask you have selected.

Many thanks for the swift reply.
It kinda makes sense now, i think i’ve got a grasp of how it all ties in.
Last night i wasn’t able to do what i thought it should do, now, armed with your info i can get what i need out of the software.

One thing i noticed, for albums that have more than 1 CD i name the folder in uppercase - CD 1, CD 2 etc, during the fix process they are named in lowercase, cd1 and cd2 etc
Can i set to keep my uppercase folder name?

Hi you have two options

  1. Don’t rename in first place, just leave original name
  2. Modify rename mask and use Javascript toUppercase() to set relevant parts to uppercase.