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Process of import & export playlist?


Can someone explain or provide details and the procedure and process for the advanced option to import a playlist (same song, different format but has tags). Once a tagged playlist has been imported what then? What action or method is used to correct or update tags for the loaded songs? Do you first import the playlist and then load the untagged tracks or the other way around?

I did read the online support manual but its just not clear to me - I’m a rookie.

Hi so it is not actuially a playlist, but if you have two versions of the same songs, one with metadata and one without then you can use the Export/Import facility to copy the metadata from one set to the other, the procedure is as follows:

For the purpose of this example let us assume we have the files as mp3 and flac, mp3 has the metadata and flac does not

  • Start Jaikoz
  • Load mp3 files
  • Run Advanced:Export ( Save as .xls)
  • Close Jaikoz
  • Open spreadsheet file with your favourite spreadsheet tool
  • Then edit first column of spreadsheet replacing .mp3 in filename with .flac and save changes
  • Restart Jaikoz
  • Load Flac files
  • Select Advanced:Import and select your spreadsheet
  • Jaikoz should now import the metadata from the spreadsheet (replacing any existing values in your flac files)
  • Review then File:Save to save the changes to your Flac files

Hi Paul

With the method you describe am I right to say that it would be critical to have exactly the same songs (no additional or missing) when importing the flac and that the order in which they are loaded is identical to the initial mp3 loading and list or else everything will be jumbled?

No, its only critical the filenames for two copies of the song are the same because to import a row from the spreadsheet into a song open in Jaikoz it needs to match on the filename, if It cannot find a match then it just will not import the row.