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Problems with New Melco

So here goes.

New melco set up this weekend. Installed SK, Minim etc on front screen. Got music going so all good there but the data is all over the shop. Primary issues as follows.

I have a large number of albums appearing 2 and very often 3 times. The albums all are full copies so not split up into tracks from the same album.
Secondly, I have now run SK from my Mac to sort out things and it has been running all nigh and now all of today and just now seems to have stopped.

Deeply frustrated - probably more stressed - as my previous Melco was the original N1 - can anyone help please.


Hi Chris, please restart your Melco, wait a few minutes and then run Create Support Files from the Songkong Gui.

Paul doing that now per instruction.

Paul i have run the report and also now purchased the software as I think the lite version does not give me the functionality i thought when i bought the unit.

Thx, I have your reports and there was a database issue, please recreate your database by selecting Admin/Empty Database and then reboot your Melco .

With a new Melco you get a Melco Lite license not a Lite license, this has a lot more functionality, but a full Melco license is required to give full functionality -

All my current music was installed by Melco so is the database you are talking about the data on my Melco?

No, this is just an internal database used by SongKong, it does not affect your music library or your Melco. You just need to select the Admin menu and then the Empty Database option within the SongKong interface and then reboot Melco

paul through the App / software or the browser to get to admin - looks like latter?

You can only access SongKong running on a Melco via web browser. If you have installed SongKong on a Mac that is independently running on the Mac and is unrelated to the copy running on the Melco itself (although you can still access music files on your Melco if you have configured your Mac to access your Melco shared drive).