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Problems with loading Jaikoz

All of a sudden by JaikOz on my Mac has stopped working giving the following message when I try and reload it

I have tried reinstalling but get the same message - I would appreciate some advice please

Many thanks


Your settings file has got corrupted, unfortunately because it is encrypted there is no way to fix yo can only delete it and then a new one will be created but you will lose most of your settings. We now put new options in a plain text file ( to avoid this issue but still need to move the old ones across.

So to fix issue on MacOS

  • Close Jaikoz
  • Go to Home : Library : Preferences : Jaikoz
  • Delete settings.jai
  • Start Jaikoz


Do you mean that if have to delete it again will not have to go through all the settings again? That would be great!!


I mean you wont have to delete it in future, should just be able to fix it or send it for me to fix.

OK Thanks - good news!

And actually less likely to go wrong in first place.