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Problems Installing 6.10 Version Odelay Release on Windows

Despite installing previous versions successfully, I cannot install this version successfully on Windows 10. I think I have followed your instructions

So before installing new version it is best to simply delete C:/Program Files/Jthink/SongKong to remove the old installation

I delete the whole existing directory and download the Windows version (I have the 64 bit version Pro - I only see one Windows version to download).

I have then followed the instructions to run the GUI version. The program never starts. When I check under Task Manager, the program is suspended.

What can I do to run the program???



Yes, there is only the one download for Windows now.

Okay, please run the SongKong.exe version instead and see if anything comes up in the command window, if not please try rebooting and retrying.

OK. I tried both suggestions - starting with SongKong.exe instead of the GUI version. I receive notifications of two log files, but nothing else (not sure if I should receive anything else. I also rebooted and tried both versions - GUI first. At first, same error - SUSPENDED. I tried it a second time with the GUI…and it appears to now be working. The one problem I have is that dialog boxes are extremely large and hard to work with. I am using a Lenovo laptop with a video setting of 3840 x 2160 which is recommended. With previous versions, I’ve not had this problem.



Can you post a screenshot, I haven’t seen this problem with the dialogs.