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Problems getting Watch Folder to work

Hi All
After years of success with Watch Folder getting SongKong to organise Discs etc - I am trying to use it now and for some reason it tis just not working - it looks as though it should be working, butt when I drop a new folder into the Watch Folder absolutly nothing happens - I am a bit stuck what to do next (I have rebooted a few times - but hat has done nothing

Hope you can help



Also once it is running (on the Melco) I don’t seem able too stop it running either - I am baffled!


I just checked this on my Melco, and it did work and it stop and create report.

So Im not sure what the issue is, better check you do mean Watch Songs not Fix Songs, so what happens when you select to Stop the task?

When I try and stop it - it goes into ‘stopping mode’ and 30 mins later it is still trying to stop. If I reboot the Melco then when I look it is no longer running

Hope this helps


Obviously if you reboot Melco it will no longer be running !

Okay, first step is to send the support files to see if that gives any clues.

The programme was still trying to shut down this am! I have rebooted the Melco twice the first time SongKong opens remotely and then shut down Watch file and gave a report - the second time (now) it has started running

May be the gremlins have left?


I have gone back too it again and it now seems to be processing - butt not moving them too tthe completed folder (I am no sure if there are no changes to make if that would stop them being moved?


I am just asking it to creat support files for you. will finish once complete.


After sending the support file to you I restarted SongKong on the Melco - this time is started and ‘did its stuff’ on tthe folder content I added to the Watch folder BUT - it still didn’t move the folder once completed although I think I have been through tthe process of setting that and saving the set up properly


Hi, you dont have a Move Folder set

You need to enable and set on the Move Files tab

I noticed that on the last report - it always used to save the move settings and they were there when the program was run again.
Now I have to set them afresh each time I run it and despite pressing save - it doesent seem to save it (it does on the version on my laptop) so I am obviously doing something wrong - but I can’t work out what it is!!
Can you suggest please?

Ah, okay you have found a bug

After being removed from Fix Songs the Move Files options were added back into Watch Folder quite late in the day, it works okay in desktop mode (WIndows/Mac ectera) but not the remote mode used by Melco.

Okay I have now fixed the issue but unlikely I will be releasing a new version until at least tomorrow.

That is fantastic - I thought it was just me going mad!!!
Tomorrow will be great!!

Thank you Paul


Haven’t updated website yet and released for all platforms yet, but 9.0.2 is now there for Melco from OLED


I am installing as I type!!

Thanks so much.