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Problem with "Sub Folder" column in Edit panel

[Using “Jaikoz version 11.5.1 Pixies” and Windows 8.1.] To be able to delete all tags of an audio file, I created in “Preferences/Metadata Table/Manage Metadata Tabs” a tab called “All Tags”. After that, in “Preferences/Metadata Table/All Tags”, I clicked on “Select All” to select all available tags so they will all be visible in that tab.

To delete all tags of audio files that are opened in Jaikoz, I go to the “All Tags” tab of the “Edit” panel. There I select all cells of the list of opened audio files, and then I delete all tags with “Right Click/Delete”. With this, some colums are not deleted, because they do not contain real tags. So the contents of the columns “Filename”, “Version”, and “Base folder” are not deleted, because they do not contain real tags. However, the contents of the column “Sub Folder” which does not contain real tags either, are wrongly being deleted with “Right Click/Delete”. This is a problem.

Why is this a problem? When I open some audio files that are located in a Sub Folder which is not the same as its Base Folder, and then I delete all tags of those files as described above, and then I save the changes, those files then disappear from the Sub folder where they were located, and the updated version of those files appear in the Base Folder. Someone who is not aware of this weird behavior, will think that the files are deleted when saving the changes.

The expected behavior when saving changes, would be that the original files are overwritten in the Sub Folder where they were originally located. This expected behavior will happen, when the contents of the column “Sub Folder” cannot be deleted in the Edit panel. So my suggestion is to make it impossible to delete the contents of the “Sub Folder” column in the Edit panel

PS. A workaround for this problem, is to deselect “Sub Folder” in “Preferences/Metadata Table/All Tags”.

{{{Remark, unrelated to the problem discussed here: It proves to be impossible to select the tag “Song No” as permanently visible, because after saving the changes for the tab “All Tags”, then after reopening the Preferences, the tag “song No” is not selected any more as visible.}}}

Hi, no need to do all this, you can simply delete all the metadata using Edit:Delete all Metadata, this deletes all metadata but does not modify filename fields (Base Folder, Sub Folder and Filename).

The Delete command is intended to delete the contents of the field, and this can be used to remove a value for Sub Folder, in the same way Edit can be used to edit the Sub Folder field, make no sense to prevent this.

Thank you for this info. I feel silly for not noticing earlier how easy it is to delete metadata with Jaikoz.

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