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Problem with new version on Mac

after I install new version on Mac and open Preferences… I get contact support message…

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Can you run Advanced:Create Support Files and email me the zip file please.

Hi, okay found the problem, applies to all operating systems not just Mac.

  • Okay you need to redownload Jaikoz 11.0.1 because I have replaced with a fixed version
  • Then if on MacOS just install over the top of existing application
  • But if on WIndows then because it is same version for Windows you need to actually uninstall original version of Jaikoz, and then install new version of Jaikoz.
  • Check Build Date in the the About menu (MacoS - Jaikoz:Help About, Windows - Help About) to confirm you have new version, will say 25th March 2021 instead of 24th March 2021
  • Try opening Preferences, it should now work.
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It works for me! Thank you for the quick fix.

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